About a year ago I was asked to write an essay discussing an issue to do with the harmful waste.

I chose coffee cups.

As a coffee addict, I related to the topic and therefore was interested in writing the essay.
I highlighted the issues with Starbucks about how people seek out their cups just for the logo and how Starbucks use an average of 8 million cups per day, most of which goes to landfill.
I got really good marks for that essay but unfortunately, I never got it back.

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It’s something you're gonna hear over and over and over again, I get it, But it is something everyone should be aware of.

I want to ask you all to (when possible) to use a reusable mug for your coffees.

Here’s why:

-Disposable coffee cups, although they look as if they are made of paper, are lined with a plastic that doesn't break down.

-The plastic doesn't breakdown but instead becomes smaller and easily makes its way to the oceans where it gets inside the stomachs of fish and other marine life.

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-Coffee cups are estimated to be the second largest contributed to litter waste.

- It is estimated that over 90% of taking away coffee cups end up in landfill.

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I can’t blame one company for an issue so large but I do believe that Starbucks both encourage this wasteful habit and have the power to fix it.

Starbucks with over 16.2 million followers has built up such a cult following where they don't even need to add their name to their cups, just a logo.

Think about it, how many photos do you see containing a starbucks coffee cup?

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It's a lot, isn't it?

Starbucks heavily promotes it’s coffee cups especially over the holiday season, people flock to get their hands on (and take a photo of) that years christmas cup.

But what else does Starbucks sell?

Reusable mugs.

Many cafes (including Starbucks) allow you to bring your own mug rather than use their disposable ones. A bonus is that many offer you a discount if you do!

Now we all know that once the big dog does something, and it begins to trend then all the others will do it too.
So if we all start to use reusable mugs (which you can still get with a Starbucks logo on it) then Starbucks will start to promote it and maybe even offer rewards for the use of them, causing other cafes to follow suit.

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It may be a long and difficult road to enjoying our caffeine in a more sustainable way, but I believe that it is an important one

Article has been edited twice due to grammar and fact checks

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