Hey cuties,
I know not everybody is going to agree with my opinion, but for myself it´s the best way to take care of my body and mind.

Take your Time

To take care of yourself can take a lot of time and you really need to take this time. Maybe you can do it once or twice a month, on a free day. This process takes the whole day, because for the perfect relaxation you should sleep in.

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Make yourself a (healthy) breakfast, maybe you can even try out something new or of course just make your favourite Food.

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Morning Routine

Do your own morning Routine like every other day of the week. A good old skincare makes everybody feel amazing and in my opinion it gives a lot of confidence when you have good looking skin.

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Take a bath

Nice warm water in a tube, what could be better? Right, nothing. You should be carefull about the temperature. It shouldn´t be too hot otherwise it could burn your skin. After that you also should lotion your body with a mousturizing Bodylotion.

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Get you favourite mask on, turn on your favourite TV show or music. Just chill a little more for about 10 minutes. You can also take funny pictures for Instagram, Snapchat or just for yourself or friends.

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At the end you can do whatever you want to complete your spa day. After that you can do everything, maybe put some make-up on and go out, call some friends over to hang out or just read a good new book you got for christmas.

I hope you liked it and try it out sometime, if you already did, I hope you felt as relaxed as i do whenever i take the time for myself.

Xoxo Denise