I LOVED this group. Their music was great (though I didn't like their debut song or the high-pitched voices in their very last, the rest was great). They were my EDM queens :(

D.Holic made their debut as a five member girl group under H.Mate Entertainment in 2014 with the members Nine (Gu Mihee), Danbee, Duri (the leader), Rena (Japanese) and Hami (Chinese).

The group made their debut in 2014 with the single Dark With Dignity and their title I Don't Know featuring Andy A47, a former ToppDogg sub-unit member.

Not long after the release of their debut song, they released the b-side of their album, Without You, with a mv only starring Rena.

With this line-up they also released the group's first, and only, mini album Chewy Chewy with a title track of the same name. To this day still their most popular song.

And this is where it all started going down hill. Nine let the group shortly after the promotions ended, supposedly to focus on making carreer in the UK. She was replaced by Hwajung, their new main vocal and maknae.

The company then proceeded to put a lot of money into their comeback, probably thinking their comeback song would 'blow up'the same way Chewy Chewy did. So with a new line-up and probaby their best comeback production wise (overall), they made their comeback with Murphy and Sally. Though I personally love this song, a lot of people thought this a step down. From a sexy girl group to a fun and quirky concept.

After the promotions ended, which was only one performance, two of the original members, Duri and Danbee, left the group. New member EJ was introduced, making the group a four member group. EJ was their mystery member. She was always wearing amask whenever they made an appearance. The company said they would reveal her face after their comeback.

And their comeback definitely had a lot of porblems. Their company seemed to have big financial issues trying ot finance their comeback.
The mv was released two weeks later then was first announced. The album wa released, but no mv in sight.

After the mv was released many people complained about the quality of the mv. Then a rumor came up. The company supposedly announced that if D.Holic did not sell 1600 copies of their single album, they would have to disband. Whether it was true or not is unknown as many people said it was confirmed by the members themselves and others said the members did not know what people were talking about and that it was a lie

In the end they did hit their goal as Rena's former company bought the number of albums they still had to go.

Though it did not help them after all. The group left H.Mate Entertainment, or the company merged with Starroad Entertainment, This meant they had to resign their contracts, which Hami appearantly didn't do, she was rumored to have left the group, but it was never confirmed. Hwajung did re-sign with the company, but left the group before they made a comeback with their new company. She announced that she was going to debut as a solo artist.

Only Rena and EJ were still left and the company added two girls, Nayoung and Youjin, to the line-up for the pormotion of their Olympic's celebration song Let's Go to the World.

Nayoung and Youjin were never formally introduced as the new members and they left just as quickly as they were added. Nayoung completely left the company.

The group was back to Rena and EJ. And then EJ announced she was no longer part of D.Holic in an Instagram live. She wanted to pursue a modeling carreer. With her departure, D.Holic informally disbanded as only Rena was still part of the group.

Currently, Rena is listed as one of the companies solo artists, but their are rumors going a round they are aiming to re-debut her into a new group either this year or next year. Rena hasn't made an official debut as a solo artists, but did sing an OST.