Today I'm going to share some of the makeup products I currently use and like, so let's get started!


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The highlighter is the perfect shade for my skintone and the glow is amazing. If you first spray Mac Fix+ on a beauty blender and then dab the areas where you want to put the highlighter, it will create a wet surfes so that the highlighter can stick on better. For the ultimate glow also spray your highlighter brush so that it gets more product. Do not forget to tap your brush, because sometimes bigger chunks cant get stuck on the brush and it can look a little cakey and that is not what we want.


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I have it in the colour "serenity" and it is absolutely amazing. The brush is soft, the perfect size and easy to use, and the formula is really nice. If you have green eyes and recommend this colour just because people have said that it brings out my eyes haha.


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The pore filler primer from nyx is always under my makeup. I feel like this is a cheaper dupe of the pore fessinal from benefit. Just that you have to work the product in to the skin more. It gives a matte finish which I like, but if you like a more glowing base nyx do have primers that give that extra glow.

Hope you enjoyed this article and this series that I have created.
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