I have these silly questions that run through my mind, doing flips and somersaults without giving a care in the world. Most of these questions do not need answers. Some of the questions in themselves are answers. However, something in me demands to have answers to these questions because what is the point of having a problem with no solution to it? It becomes utterly pointless.
Onto my first question. Who decides for you to be the strong one or the weak one? How do you decide between remaining in the shadows of the background or to strive to appear in the spotlight? Sure, some things wholly depend on one’s character and personality. What if it didn’t? Sometimes life forces you to make decisions you most likely were not able to commit to at the time you made them. From what I hear, many decide to stay in the shadows. So many crowd in the darkness such that if you dare to stand in the light you come out as a “rebel” or something along those lines. The hardest thing to be right now is to be your own person. Fighting for attention and trying to fit in has become the norm of today. It bothers me to the core of my being that someone would rather copy another if only to be accepted yet they haven’t accepted themselves….

Another question that consumes my mind, how do you face a dilemma? Finding yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place is honestly not the best feeling. Its like you are lost but not lost considering that the path you need to choose is right in front of you. When you weigh every single option that has been laid on the table for you and still don’t come to a conclusion then what next? After putting down the pros and cons to each situation but they equally match each other…why do we even face dilemmas in the first place!! My utmost respect goes to those who can make sane decisions without having a faint heart and going through with the plan they choose from beginning to the end. One common thing I always hear is that if you have to choose between two things then go for the second because if you were satisfied with the first you wouldn’t have a second choice. I rule out this way of making decisions because it won’t cater for the struggles of having three or more choices to pick from.
Question three: Why is it so hard to tell the truth? Even to ourselves admitting the truth is not an easy task. The process to do so is dreadful. You become tongue tied and your palms start shaking or having sweaty episodes. Your breathing almost triples in a second and your knees become weak, yet you strongly desire to run away. We’ve all been told that the truth will set you free but how does it when gathering the strength to do so robs so much of your inner peace? Maybe that’s why many opt to lie. Give out lie after lie after lie until one day you have no idea where the lying started or where it’s heading. Then you become a stick in the mud. Its like creating a jigsaw puzzle but the pieces stop fitting into each other. In the end, you are left with some messed up incomplete picture that you wasted time and energy trying to solve. Every action has its consequences and outcome therefore even before you carry out daily activities keep in mind the outcome of it.
Lastly: Are you happy as a human being? Are you satisfied with how you are living your life? Do you wake up in the morning and get excited for what you will do during the day? I hope you are happy. Truly, genuinely happy and not just the happy we often put on as a show for others to stop bugging us on why our faces are permanently marked by a frown. I hope that you are your own source of happiness and that you do not depend on another to bring that smile on your face. Believe it or not, not everyone stays in your life. People come. People go. That’s just how life is even though they leave behind those blissful memories you carry around in your heart. Learning to depend on yourself for happiness and satisfaction is one of the best favours you could grant yourself. Listen to your favourite track, cook your best meal, wear your favourite outfit on a Wednesday, enjoy your own company! Accept yourself before you accept others and want them to accept you. Teach your children in the future that they do not need another in order to be happy.