this is a list of things i want accomplished this summer

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01. new piercings | i already have an industrial piercing, which i love and plan on getting a new bar for, and the only piercings i want is an inner conch piercings on my right ear and double standards on both ears.
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02. be healthier | my overall goal is not just to lose weight, but to have better, more flawless skin, have fuller and longer hair, and just feel better in general
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03. learn to swim | i am a nineteen year old who doesn't know how to swim and its embarrassing. i don't have to be the best swimmer in the world but my hope is that i can stay afloat and swim some laps in the pool without dying
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04. get my license | again, i am nineteen and not being able to drive without my mom in the car is embarrassing. i want to be able to go on adventures with my friends and just drive, whether to clear my mind or have fun
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05. expand my wardrobe | my biggest goal for this is to acquire three designer items: a Gucci belt, Alexander Wang booties, and a Prada bag. but mostly i want my closet to resemble the style i have in my head and my weheartit collection
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06. save money | summer jobs are in my future and if the vast majority of my summer is me going to work, then i want to make sure i put a substantial amount away for a rainy day or dream trip of mine. or student loans, which ever one comes first
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07. go to new york | it has always been my dream to go to new york and this summer, i want to make that happen. the shopping, the scenery, the culture: all of that just sounds like dream i want to make into a reality
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08. create more memories | i want to do more with my family and friends this summer. i live in a fairly warm state that has amusement parks and botanical gardens and i want to experience the things my home has to offer with the people i love. i want to laugh, take photos and just live my best life
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09. start meditating | i am a very anxious and stressed out person and as a result it is hard for me to have a restful night and a productive, carefree day. i'm hoping by taking time out of my night and morning to mediate and connect the universe to my body, i will be able to feel more relaxed and enjoy life more
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10. be able to do my makeup better | i get by with the skills that i have, but i want to be able to create flawless looks without even trying and if get better at it, i'll feel less guilty on spending an enormous amount of money on makeup. i want the looks i create to show people who i am and who i want to be

this is part one of a two part article. stay tuned for part two. bye, lovelies!