The app showed up in the App Shop delayed Wednesday evening, offering joy and relaxation to unhappy The Apple Maps customers everywhere.

Rumors of the app’s upcoming launch showed up previously this evening by way of AllThingsD.

Google Maps for iOS [iTunes link] looks and functions more in the same way to its Android operating system version than it does to the edition that used to be included with iOS.

Google Maps for iOS

The app also has a few functions formerly restricted to the Android operating system edition of Google Maps, such as advised turn-by-turn guidelines.

If you’re having problems installing the app, give it a few minutes. Within minutes of its launch, this indicates as if Apple’s hosts were temporarily mashed, with some customers discovering it challenging to download the app.

I’ve only invested a few minutes with the app, but here are my first impressions:

  • The interface is better than before, though I still select the looks — if not always the precision — of The Apple Maps
  • Users can select to assign a home and perform deal with within their information, which is mainly handy
  • Voice-guided turn-by-turn seems to perform well
  • Users can opt to perspective riding on the bus as an overlay on the map itself, which is an awesome touch
  • I like being able to accessibility public-transit guidelines within my maps app again
  • Google Places Locations have been more clearly incorporated into the app

What do you think of Google Maps for iOS? Will you dump The Apple Maps and go returning to Google, or are you satisfied with your present solution? Let us know in the content below.

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