I love him I really do
but just the last month we have had a pregnancy scare and
people tell me to watch how he reacts in times like this.
he lost his absolute shit and stressed out.

he told me if I was pregnant, I would have to get rid of and me being the person I am I went straight to my mum.
My family don't like him now because he told me I would have to get an abortion because he wasn't ready.
Not once did he ask about how I was feeling or what I wanted to do.

Again he reacted just the other day because I didn't take my pill on time, (backstory, he works with my stepmum) he went straight to my step mum to talk about it without even talking to me first. Which I am obviously mad about.

I honestly love him so much, he is my light and has made my life so much happier and easier. I lost my virginity to him. I can't just let everything go.

I was about to tell him I did infact have a miscarriage but I know if I told him he would tell my step mum then everyone would know. Which I don't want everyone to know. I know I should but the way he reacted last time, I'm scared to.

Oh well, I will figure it out (: