A fictional world filled with drama, supernatural, comedy, and love...with no specific direction. Takes place sometimes at boarding school, different countries, vacations, parties...the list goes on. I'll make sure you know the setting 😊

Yes. I am that person who uses way older people to portray the characters. #noshame 🙃

Keep in mind age is very different here. Babies grow very quickly in this world. One minute they're 4 years old and the next day they are 17 or 18.

Also, this will probably be raunchy and violent at times. #smut #oops #sorrynotsorry

Feedback is always welcome. Hope you enjoy, hearters. 💛

Keep in mind everyone in this world is able to communicate telepathically. Anyone not human can send thoughts to other people. You know, instead of texting sometimes 😉

Meet the characters (will keep updating this) Riley, Luna, Cora, and Levi will be the main characters -

Riley Hart
species: elf
age: 17
height: 5'1

found by Mrs. Hart in the woods as a 4 year old. Didn't have to convince Mr. Hart much to keep her

sensitive, naive, introvert, equestrian

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Luna Hart
species: wolf / witch / angel
zodiac: cancer
height: 5'3
age: 17

biological daughter of Mr and Mrs. Hart

artist, traveler, future horticulturist

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Cora Knight
species: demon
age: 18
height: 5'7

narcissistic, vicious, future assassin, cousin of Hart sisters

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Levi Knight
species: angel
zodiac: libra
height: 5'10

bashful, runs track, loves comic books, cora's twin brother - cousin of Hart sisters

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Faye Blackburn
species: mermaid
age: 22

photographer, dancer, fashion designer
fluent in many languages, family friend, Hart sisters' babysitter and tutor

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Mrs. Hart
age: would rather not say
species: witch
occupation: english professor

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Mr. Hart
species: wolf
occupation: cop

overprotective, loving dad, will do anything for the people he loves...

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Dr. Knight

Mrs. Hart's brother, cut throat, mysterious

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Mrs. Knight

gossiper, two passions - any excuse for a party (fundraisers, too) and shopping

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name: Ivy
species: wolf
age: 17

Luna's best friend, cheerleader, loyal

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name: Addison
species: vampire
age: 18

jealous, preppy, Cora's wannabe friend, in every club imaginable

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name: Mason
species: wolf
age: 18

moody, reserved, Levi's best friend, fellow track runner

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name: Tyler
age: 18
species: vampire

jock, football player, ivy's boyfriend, friend

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Everyone has their own demons - even demons.