Hey guys! Here are a few celebrities that I absolutely love and I think you guys should check them out and see what type of work they do (music or acting, etc) and some background information about them and how they got famous

1. Sza (aka Solána Imani Rowe)

Sza was born on the 8th of November, 1990. Shez is mostly known for her beautiful and soulful songs. Many people started noticing her when her song on her CTRL album, the weekend became famous in the media. Many people such as young teens started listening to her songs because they could feel as they could relate to the songs and the messages behind it. Sza later on successfully collabed with many other successful singers such as Khalid, Calvin Harris and ETC. Her songs are amazing and are always great to jam out to with friends!

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skrt skrt on bitches,

2. Rex Orange County (aka Alexander O'Connor)

Alex was born on the 4 May, 1998. Many people found out about him when he starred on Tyler the creators album called Flower boy. He starred on the singles called Foreword & Boredom. Many people also recognise him from his aesthetic and style. He released two albums and many songs along the way. I love his style and how his voice in all the songs! Its gives a 70s-80s vibes.

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lets dream of corduroy

3. Frank Ocean (aka Christopher Francis Ocean)

Frank was born on the 28 October, 1987. Frank Ocean, Tyler the creator and Earl Sweatshirt came together and created a hip hop band called the Odd future but sadly all three of them gained recogniton on their solo career and decided to split up. Even though they split up, he has had great success and I hope he gets more recogniton. His album Blonde took him four years to complete! Well I can certainly say it was worth it. It turned out to be a beautiful masterpiece.

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Wishing you God Speed.

5. Ariana Grande-Butera
Ariana was born on the 26 of June, 1993. She was most known for starring in Cat & Valentine and Victourious. She later moved onto the music industry which I personally think was a great move. She quickly got recognised for her high ranged voice and her beautiful complexion. Her fame died down a little bit when the Donut Licking Scandal happened. On July of 2015, Ariana was caught on camera at a donut shop licking donuts (LMAOO) and saying that she "hates americans". Ariana being the queen she is, made a comeback and published an apology video stating how shes still young and has a lot to learn. Also I love Ariana so dont come @ me lmao. After realising her Dangerous Woman Album, many people started recognising her for standing up for woman. ARIANA YOU'RE DOING AMAZING SWEETIE. Her music has taken the world by storm.

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aint you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?

I could go on for hours and hours about the celebrities I stan ALOT but I'm afraid this is all i have for today! I'm sorry if some of the points have less information or more information than others and I know someones gonna get defensive about how some of the things i said was wrong. I'm not a professional and I found this information online so done @ me sis.

If you enjoyed, please leave a like and comment if you want me to do a part two! I would really appreciate it! Thank you for reading ❦