I watched him from not too far lighting a cigarette, placing it between his lips. Asher was leaning against the wall, inhaling the toxins, then exhaling his troubles.

I was upset that he was smoking. I couldn't understand why that was a way of healing.

His eyes met mine, and I froze in place. I watched the smoke he exhaled rise past his face, then disappearing to thin air.

"Asher, what are you doing?" I asked, stepping towards him.

He ignored me, smoking the cigarette, making the end of it turn a bright color. He continued smoking, tilting his head to the air as he did.

I grabbed his arm, but he yanked it back, sending me a look of irritation, "What is it that you want Jay? I'd want to be alone right now."

Alone. Of course, he wants to be alone. It makes me insane when the ones who needs someone, beg for privacy.

Crazy how people can ask for privacy so easily, but asking a friend for company is too damn hard.

"I'm here, Asher. I'm right here, and I can he-"

"-Leave it, Jay! I don't need you. I'm fine." He interrupted me, shaking his head.

"You don't need me? You can't tell that your avoiding happiness! You were happy at the carnival. You smiled." I exclaimed. I breathed out, whispering lowly, but still loud and clear.

"You were happy with me."

Asher pressed his lips together, dropping the cigarette, before turning to me. His face was inches from mine, spreading the smell of smoke to my nose.

He narrowed his eyes, and said words that made my heart quiver, but in his eyes I knew he was lying.

"I don't love you, Jay. I never will, so leave me alone."

Then he left.

I sat against the wall, repeating the words he said.

"I don't love you."