These show is about the biggest crime committed in Spain with 8 "thieves" while someone is helping them on the outside. These is perfect for people who love to watch Crime movies/Tv Shows. The original language is Spanish so for those people people out there who wants to practice their Spanish, this is your show.

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2) F.R.IE.N.D.S
I KNOW I'M BASIC, but these show is funny which is one of those shows that will help you relax. For those who don't know what it is about... It is about 6 friends that are going through the up and downs of life while living in NY.

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This is a show based on the Archie Comics. These show is very good it keeps you wanting more (well, which does not), but these one makes you want to stay up and know who is the mysterious guy/girl behind all the trouble.

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Narcos is about Colombian drug dealing and it explains how the empire expired thanks to Pablo Escobar. I love these show because the suspension gets you during each episode and gives you every detail of how women are involved in this business.

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Another series about crime, but these series is about a team giving profiles of thieves. This teaches you that people can have a sickness that makes them kill, an obsession, etc. I love these show because it gives 2 quotes during every episode and of course the way they come up with the profile and solutions.

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Almost everyone has watched this show. These show taught me that everyone is going through something, but the solution is keep moving and on. It demonstrates the issues that every teenager or person needs to face while living life and it also shows us things that no one wants to talk about.

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Other favorite shows:

Stranger Things

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The 100

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Adventure Time

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Black Mirror

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The End of the F*cking World

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