Hey Hearters!

Thank you guys so much for such a great reaction and messages to my Unappreciated songs article that i did! Since that one had such a great turn out I decided that I was going to an updated playlist as it has definitely has changed since than.

Let me know what you think!

Lyrics, blackbear, and own taked pic image
1. My Heart is Lost by Blackbear
dark, Lyrics, and post image
2. I Fall Apart by Post Malone
alternative, orange, and blackbear image
3. make daddy proud by Blackbear
clock, blur, and Lyrics image
4. Let Your Hair Down by Magic ( I know this song may seem overplayed to some but I just love it)
music, ride, and love image
5. Reservations by Somo
blonde, friend, and Miami image
6. Leaving with Me by J Boog

7. Hawaiian Born by Norm

sammy johnson and sammy j image
8. Leaving Me by Sammy J
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9. anxiety (with FRND) by Blackbear
blackbear image
10. i hope your whole life sux by blackbear
blackbear, i miss the old u, and digital druglord image
11. i miss the old u by blackbear
Temporarily removed
12. where was u? by blackbear
alternative, blackbear, and wallpaper image
13. Verbatim by blackbear
brown, chris, and freaky image
14. Freaky Friday by Lil Dicky, Chris Brown
post malone image
15. Deja Vu by Post Malone

As you can tell from this article a lot of it is of Blackbear but I just REALLY love his music and his voice and gosh I just want more people to know of him and his talent!

What are some of the songs you guys listen too? Message me and let me know!