I'm gonna keep this short and sweet...

What if I spend my whole life going to school and working miserable jobs to make a living in a world that I don’t care to live in? We all think it, and we all do things that we hate doing, no matter how frequently. Just like me; I go to work everyday, a waitressing job that I couldn’t care less for, just so I can earn money to pay for a car to get me to my miserable job, and to pay for college, which will just help me turn around and get another job so that I can work until I die. What if I die tomorrow and it was all for nothing? What if I die tomorrow and I spent my whole existence miserably without ever really achieving my goals, which are the reasons why I do the awful things that I do?

What if I make a difference? I am in charge of my life, as you are yours. What if we are grateful for what we have? What if we care for others, impact lives in a positive way, and do things that truly make our existence a good one? What if we stay positive? What if we start being healthy, happy? These are all decisions that we are capable of making, and we should choose to do the things that will matter to us, even if we die tomorrow. Work for what you want, but work in a way that is positive for you and the people around you. Work in a way that doesn’t feel like a job or a chore.

Spread the happiness, the love , the positivity. Try, and try again, never give up on your life and your happiness. Contribute to the happiness of others and see how you feel about yourself at the end of the day. Live YOUR life.