Hola. Yes, I speak Spanish, but I wrote this in English, or maybe I translated it, it's a mystery ... nobody will read it, but bah, it gives me quite the same. I'm sitting here in front of my computer with the desire to mourn and disappointment, I do not know how sometimes I can be so stupid and believe in people. I am locked in a world in which everything is honest and beautiful, but no. I do not realize that, things change, people change, I change. And I believe that I have reached the point of my life in which I do not need anyone else, I have suffered enough disappointments from people that I thought meant for me, but no, they are just passing and toxic people that I do not need anymore in life.
I really do not feel bad, but I'm fed up, I'm tired of always believing in people, I'm tired of being a good person with everyone, I'm tired of always being me who cares. I'm weary.
This is not an interesting article, I'm just venting through words and I do not do it well.
In case anyone reads this, I recommend listening:
 High hopes - Kodaline
A world alone - Lorde
American Money - Borns
Madness - Ruelle.
Bye, I do not think to write something again. But luck in your life, paint it with colors if you wish and be happy. xoxo