Everybody needs a change of playlists from time to time, even if it's back to the ones that've been on repeat for 7 years, a temporary or permanent change is good.
Here's a list of my playlist for this month, enjoy!

1. Wasted Youth - Fletcher

Temporarily removed
deep lyrics are a true aesthetic

2. Broken Glass - Rachel Platten

broken glass, easel, and platter image

3. Walk Through the Fire - Zayde Wolf

city, storm, and street image

4. Silhouette - Aquilo

Temporarily removed

5. Soap - Melanie Martinez

soap, melanie martinez, and cry baby image

6. So Much More Than This - Grace VanderWaal

album, just the beginning, and grace vanderwaal image

7. Strawberries & Cigarrettes - Troye Sivan

cigarette, easel, and header image

8. Hear My Voice - Hein Cooper

black&white, cooper, and hein image

9. Man on a Wire - The Script

black and white, heart, and hope image

10. She's Like The Wind - Calum Scott

dirty dancing, movie, and dance image
Movie: Dirty Dancing

That's all,