Hey, Lovely people! This is my second list of names. I hope you enjoy. Here we go!

India (f)

this is such a cute name

Honey (f)

this is cute and unique. It reminds me of summer and the country.

Bambi (f)

This sweet name. It could also be a cute nickname.

Presley (f)

Quirky and interesting. Could be an option if you are really into music.

Avi (m)

Simple but interesting. Not very common.

Reign (m)

It reminds me of the time when Kings and Queens were big.

Marvi (f/m)

Reminds me of marvelous.

Brave (f/m)

I just like it

Bravi (m/f)

Reminds me of bravo

Ferris (m)

From Ferris Beuller's Day Off

Marley (f)

Makes me think of the country

Roscoe (m)

Just cute

Amelia (f)

So delicate

Milly (f)


Park (m)

I once read a book called Eleanor and Park
It was precious

Remi (m)

Cute cute

Eli (f)

I think this typically male name could be really cute for a girl

Papaya (f)

I have a friend named Mamosa (also super cute) and one time a boy couldn't remember her name and just called her Papaya. I thought it was cute

Donnie (m)

From Donnie Darko

Astrolyle (m/f)

I actually just made this name out of the word 'Astrophile' — which is "someone who is strongly attracted to the knowledge of stars"

Meraki (f/m)

Doing something with soul, creativity, or love

Sirimiri (f)

Sweet name

Kinder (f)

One of my friends thought this little girl's name was Kinder because the girl would tell us she's in "Kinder" instead of Kindergarten

Ok, that was it! I'll make another one when I get enough names!

Live life your way,


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