Hey Stars!
As you can see by the title, today I'm talking about how to look taller/how to make your legs look longer/highlight your legs stuff like that. I myself am not short, but I have very long legs which I like to accentuate. Without further ado, here are 8 ways to look taller

Wear High waisted flared pants
The high waist makes it look like the pants are sitting at your hips, making your legs look an inch or 2 longer.

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Tip: Have the shirt cropped or tucked in to show the rim of the pants

Wear pants with stripes
Stripes have an illusion of making your legs look longer. Wearing pants or jumpers with stripes make your legs seem stretched.

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Tip: Once again, go for the high waisted

Carry small bags/purses
When you have a big bag, you make people's eyes look left and right insted of up and down. Having a bag that's proportional to your shape makes you look taller.

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Tip: Handbags can be preferred because you can old them. Otherwise, it just hangs at your side and actually makes you look shorter

Try wearing Maxi skirts
Wearing a Maxi skirt makes your legs disappear in replace with a long and flowing bottom half. It also brings up your waistline.

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Tip: Pair with a cropped top and flats

Put your hair up
It adds height plus this look shows off your face and is so easy to make! It also goes with any outfit. What's not to love!?

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Tip: Not really a tip, but having your hair down weighs you down, whereas your hair up elongates your figure

Wear a V-neck
V-necks add length to your torso and show one clean line across your body.

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Tip: Tuck in that shirt!

Wear nude heels
You knew this was going to be here! Heels literally add inches to your height plus they go with lots of different types of outfits

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Tip: Nude DOES NOT mean peach. Find heels in your skin tone. Also the pointier the toe the better (is pointier a word?)

Don't Stress
My biggest tip is to not worry about your height! It's a part of what makes you, you!

Hope you enjoyed