Hello lovely hearters, i hope you´re having a wonderful day! ✨ I was recently tagged by the sweet person named Paulien, to do the "this or that challenge"! I have never ever done a challenge before, so I hope I´ll do good. 🙈


Europe or America?

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I have to say Europe, so much different culture and nature!

Coffee or Tea?

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My heart aches answering this question, but coffe has to be the winner.

Cats or Dogs?

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Give dogs your heart, and they will give theirs.

Books or Movies?

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Books. There are no rules for what you can imagine!

Bath or Shower?

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i mean is this really a question? Haha, i love to take baths, i just really wished i had one though.

Caramel or chocolate?

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Chocolate is life.

Jeans or Skirt?

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jeans, there are so much to choose from!

High heels or Sneakers?

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high heels are so romantic!

Homesick or Adventurous?

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adventurous, i love taking hikes and visit beautiful places.

✨ * Ice cream or Sweets?*

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sweets <3

Banana or Coconut?

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Bananas all the way!

Pizza or Hamburger?

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Im like Joey when it comes to pizza, where would we all be without it??

Strawberry or Apple?

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Strawberries, they are so cute and sweet!

Denim or Leather?

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Denim, so classic.

I hope you really enjoyed this article, i loved making it! I´ve also created a challenge for my own, my first, with a bit more serious and dark theme. I hope you check it out, it would mean a great deal to me. 🌿

i also want to tag two sweet girls,