Since I was a child my dream was always to become a professional ballet dancer. Dancing is my GIFT, and my PASSION. It is my way of speaking without using words. Dreams can be confused to be a fantasy or a life that contains everything you want. But my dream started as unfinished thoughts that was left in my brain, that eventually became an idea, that lead to a vision and became my dream. One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever been given was “To stay true to who you are because we are all unique individuals and to follow your dreams because the places they can take you are incredible! I have been told that dance isn’t a career, or a profession, they told me It should be a plan B. Your dream should NEVER be a plan B. Start my recognizing your true potential. A dream requires 3 important attributes,1. Vision, 2. a Goal, 3. Desire. Opportunity’s comes to open spaces big enough for it to receive. So today I DARE you to dream!