Because I like to listen to music all day (also when I take a shower) I decided to make this second "playlist" and if, this time I translated the article.
( #freetime )

The first reason for the creation of the playlist is that I am still a student, and next year (maybe) I start studying at the university. So I need to concentrate to study, which I can hear music.

(noisy neighbors)

Before giving the playlist, I would like to give some tips that are useful enough to study correctly (for me they are quite useful)

🍩 Tips 🍩

  • Have a method of study : the "pomodoro" method is useful for me
  • Explain the subject to someone who does not know it : it can be a friend or one of your relatives. If you know the subject, you will be able to explain it.
  • If it is not necessary do not listen to music : In my country there is a test called "PSU" that has 80 questions.
  • If you listen to music, the soundtrack is better : I do not know if the same thing happens to you, but I am distracted by the lyrics.

🍩 Songs 🍩

  • Undertale: Megalovania (Violin Cover)
  • Tokyo Ghoul OP 1 🎸
  • Shelter - Porter Robinson & Madeon 🎸
  • Off Pepper Steak (Extended)



🍩More プレイリスト and Drug🍩


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