Hi guys ! Thanks for clicking on my article. You probably don't know that I'm french. So in advance I'm sorry if this article contains language errors.

Today I'll talk of gemstones. In french we could say lithothérapie but I didn't find a good synonym.

If you don't know what it is, lithothérapie is a way to cure, to feel good (etc) with stones. It's from Indian shaman.

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Why do I use stones

I began it a few monthes ago because I was very stressed and I was looking for a spiritual balance. This method really helped me to find my peace.

First, every stone clings to a chakra

We've got 7 chakras
  • maludhara chakra -- root chakra -- base of the vertebral column -- basic trust -- red
  • swadhistana chakra -- sacral chakra -- 2 inches below the navel -- spirituality creativity -- orange
  • manipura chakra -- solar plexus chakra -- solar plexus -- wisdom power -- yellow
  • anahata chakra -- heart chakra -- heart -- love -- green and pink
  • vishuddha chakra -- threat chakra -- throat -- communictation -- light blue and turquoise blue
  • ajna chakra -- third eye chakra -- between the eyebrows -- hunch -- dark blue or purple
  • sahasrara chakra -- crown chakra -- at the top of the head -- spirituality -- purple, white, pink, silver and gold
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Which stone brings what

Maludhara Chakra

The red jasper clings to the first chakra. Its nickname is supreme protector. In a period of stress it brings calm and serenity. It brings some peacefull energy. It restores self-confidence and helps to control the feelings. The red jasper absorbs and evacuates the bad vibes. It also helps to remember our dreams

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Swadhistana chakra

For the 2nd chakra I chose the carnelian. It anchors in the present reality and restores the motivation. In ancient Egypt, people used it for guiding the dead persons to the light, so it could take away the fear of the death. It gives courage and concentration to women and helps to be realistic. It calms down the anger by replacing it by good vibes.

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Manipura chakra

Thirdly I love citrine. It's nicknamed stone of success because it stimulates concentration and self-love and regulates the energies. It calms the tensions.

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Anahata chakra

Here I chose the aventurine. It is very good for the cardiac problems and to relax muscles. The aventurine can calm anxiety and stimulates creativity, generosity and compassion.

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Vishuddha chakra

I love this chakra, it really represents the most important principles to me (communication...) like the fourth chakra (love, comfort, peace...) For this one I took the amazonite. The amazonite calms the feelings. It is the stone of the heart's feelings, it harmonizes it. Amazonite favors the expression of love and forgiveness.

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Ajna chakra

The lapis lazuli. This stone favors the understanding and it sends back the psychic attacks. It's very good for insomnia, self confidence. It facilitates the expression of the feelings and evacuates stress. It really is the stone of the communcation and expression.

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Sahasrara chakra

Now the amethyst. The keywords of this stone are rise, purification and wisdom. It helps for meditation, imagination and serenity. It dissipates the fears, helps during dark periods like mourning or break. Amethyst cleanses the aura and the atmosphere for peace and relaxation. In a bedroom it contributes to a quiet and deep sleep. Under the pillow it decreases nightmares and clears up the dreams. Important stone !

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That's all for today ! Hope you liked this, if you've got ideas for the next article do advise. Thanks for reading until the end ! Take care of you <3