***This article is somehow the answer of my previous one***

No, you are not a bad person. I don't even know who to call 'bad'. You're just in a bad mood. I can help you with that but if you don't make an efford too, nothing will change.
You are a wonderful person. You are beautiful inside out and this can not be hidden. You are a hero because when a difficult situation came along you stood there and you fought like a real hero but you didn't have a cape. You are a hero beacause you wake up in the morning and even if you are not ready and prepared to face all those 'monsters', you still find the strength, the willingness and the patience to go through the day and the night. Keep going, do not pay attention to what people say, to what people think about you. It doesn't matter because when they will stop criticizing you they will forget about everything they said, words are like air -they disappear, they are there only for a moment- Do and say anything you want. ANYTHING! It's you who will live your life! You are the main character, you are the hero of your life- of your story.

Katerina XXX