I’m a random person. Random is quite a good adjective to describe me and I usually have so many random thoughts. So, as i have written no articles in ages, I decided to share some of these thoughts with you alongside some pretty cool pictures!!

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a guy told me to ‘kill yourself’
but can you actually kill what’s already dead

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sometimes i look in the mirror and i wince because that’s not me, that’s not who i want to be

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it’s funny how you can slap whatever text written in english on a picture and nobody will understand that it’s a cry for help and not just a careless ‘relatable’ & ‘tumblr’ pic

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I think that in a friendship the main focus should be on knowing each other and being clear about what we think. A relationship without honesty in my opinion is nothing and that’s why I often say I have no friends.

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people race to see who ignores me more

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I wish i had a friend like me

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I don’t get my parents. They think it’s morbid when i read fantasy books in which someone dies but they insist on taking pictures at the 9/11 memorial. Real people died there and they want to take family pictures. I read a book where a character dies because the author is an asshole and they get mad when i tell them

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When i see that someone likes all of my pictures (not all at once) i wonder if i’m being annoying by appearing on their feed.

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We do not remember days, we remember moments

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my name is Caleb, I'm an Italian ordinary guy that loves writing. You can find me on my Instagram: @/xappuxxino


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