I just have to say that I am awful at maintaining a routine of writing something every day, especially because of all the exams coming up, but hey, who cares? I mean writing needs time, especially when you want it to look good.

Day 2. We are all just human-beings lying in puddles of problems

Apparently the second task I have to do is write something that someone told me about myself that I'll never forget, somehow this seems a bit selfish to me (no offense to the people which think other wise) , so I decided to tell you a general thing which someone told me and I will probably never forget.

Our whole existence on planet Earth is a bunch of metaphorical non-sense. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said :

And in the end, we were all just humans...drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.

But my point here doesn't have to do anything with love, I just thought it would be a nice way to give a partial explanation of how humans and metaphors work, as my friend used nothing else but a metaphor to give me some advice.

She told me a thing which will probably be a reminder for my whole life. At some point I found myself caught on the idea that my whole existence was based on a constant routine, which included: nothing different, nothing special, just black and white world of Nobody. I told her about my concerns of loosing interest in life and dealing with some of my problems and what she replied, maybe sounded a bit harsh, but brought me a bit to the realization that it is partially true.

You are lying in a puddle of problems and all you do is cry and cry, acknowledging your stupid existence and actually ignoring what bothers you, what you should do instead is gather yourself up and find the motivation to make a change, besides that, I do not actually think that you like sitting in that puddle that much, the comfort zone is good until you become wet and you are constantly cold. Your life is in your hands, doesn't matter if you like that or not.
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(To the one reading that, I do not know if this actually helps you, I am not that optimistic person to think that I can make a change all of the sudden and think that everything will work out fine and the same time, I am not that much of a really realist person as my friend is, however I will probably keep in my mind, that lying in a puddle of problems and waiting for the time when they will solve by themselves is not always the best option.)

Life is weird, but humans are weirder. You like that or not, we are a chemistry of metaphors built up in stupid bodies, lying in puddles of problems and waiting for them to eventually solve, and realizing that we still find the power to eventually get up, and you may not feel at the peak of your life right now and maybe all your motivation has drained out, just know you are not the only one, but you are still special because you will eventually sort things out in your own special way. You don't need to be constantly happy, and if you need more time to lie in your puddle of problems and ignore them, its completely fine too, as you can see we are all a bunch of weirdos in love with stupid metaphors.

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