I am actually new to this so this is my first article. I got inspired by WeHeartit articles to start a skin care routine and I would really like to share to help others the way they helped me.
So here it goes!


1) I first start of my day by of course brushing my teeth so after doing that I wash my face just with water:

girl, black and white, and model image bathroom, black and white, and brushing teeth image

2) After drying of my face I go onto the famous Garnier micellar (You can also use bioderma H2O) :

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That's all in the morning, remember cleaning your skin too much can cause breakouts too! Try avoiding makeup it helps too


3) After showering in warm/hot water and my pores open up I use aloe vera and rub it on my skin:

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4) Afterwards, I wash my face with water apply Avene TriAcneal and moisturize ( you can use any moisturizer that goes with your skin):

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Thank you and I hope you like it !