Dear ex-lover,
We were never a couple but we were so close to that, I miss you every single minut that pasts, everyday when I see you walking around in the school halls and see your beautiful face, it reminds me of the fort time we met, your beautiful smile that does make the world brighter.
I know that you've moved on, but god damn do I miss you, today you asked me a question, since we stoped talking, well the only way is that wee talk that we normally don't do it felt like all over again, butterflies in my stomach.

I miss you so much, and I just want to be with you again, I'm sorry for letting you down and blowing up my second chance with you, I know you're posting sad rap songs about losing a girl, I really wonder if they are meant for me, you still give me this chance that it could be me, everyday I'm hoping you will text me again so we can start over.

I miss you my love, please come back for me, I need you in my life and its been killing me this past year without you in it, I still love you.