So spring is there and the weather is getting better.
I thought a fashion article would be great now.
I really hope you like it.

Lets start with the colors:
I have seen so many pastel colors since the sun is shining. It looks just so beautiful and decent. Mostly the colors are baby blue, rosa and light green.

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A lot of people wear primary colors: red,blue and yellow.
that looks so cool and the outfit looks so bright.

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And of course white and black is an all time favorite, but this spring it's all about strong colors:

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One thing which is still so cute are: off-shoulder-shirts and pullovers (because it still can be a bit too cold for just a t-shirt)

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And because of this changing weather here are some jackets for spring, which are so cool


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Psssst... denim on denim can look so cool together!


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Also in spring we wear sheer. Sheer can look sexy as hell but also if you combine it the right way so cute.

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And the last trend of spring I wanna share with you are jeans and trousers. Both of them are getting higher and looking cooler than ever!!

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I hope you like it and if you want more fashion inspiration just look here: