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Day 6

Five ways to win your heart

  • Food
food and sushi image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
This is halfway to reach my heart.
  • Subject
again, good night, and Late image quotes, walk, and people image
For me is super important that the person knows how to keep a talk interesting as I love to have deep conversations about a variety of subjects.
  • Honesty
feeling, honesty, and peace image quotes, honesty, and sincerity image
That's one of the most beautiful characteristics of humanity so use it, because there's no relationship that survives lies.
  • Musical taste
nirvana, green day, and ACDC image fire, music, and portuguese image
Nirvana (the best grunge band ever) and Mimicat (if you don't know her you really should listen to her work).
  • Kindness
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To be kind is something that has become rare but you should never forget about it cause it can chance someone's day or life.

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