The intention of voluntary simplicity is not to dogmatically live with less. It’s a more demanding intention of living with balance. This is a middle way that moves between the extremes of poverty and indulgence.

When you think of minimalism, many things come to your mind from the idea of a white emtpy room to the declutter of your favourite spaces, but truth to be told minimalism is more than that. The idea that hides behind this concepto is very simple: simplicity, learn to live more with less and throw away everything that we no longer need.

I found this way of living quite inspiring, and although it is something that I know I'll never achieve since I am the kind of person who gets attached to papers I wrote seven years ago, I decided to write this article for the people who are longing for this lifestyle.

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1. Colours

The entire minimalism scheme plays a lot with colours related to nature that are seen as soft, such as nude colours like brown, light brown, but alos neuutrals like white and other pastel colours. There is also a specific minimalist type which has become more known, it follows a mostly black and white theme. Minimalist usually avoids bright colours and patters, but it is compatible with stripes (mostly vertical) and circular shapes.

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2. Less is more

Minimalism is all about less is more and more is less. Spaces need to be clean and what other would percieve as empty, but the truth is quite different. Many of the things we keep are not needed anymore and don't even give us a sense of utility, in minimalism, those things are either given away or thrown in order to open spaces and let air circulate. Decluttering a space can be very hard, especially a desk or a bookshelf, so I will be writing an article about that.

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3. Walls

Walls are usuallt crowded with pictures, frames, maps and posters, but the truth is that those things are only there to bring back memories or to satisfy our aesthetical need. Minimalist walls are usually bare and completely. This not only makes the room look and feel cleaner and bigger, but it also gives it a sense of new that a darker theme wouldn't express. A frame or two won't hurt anyone, and a big or small round mirror also goes with the minimalistic theme.

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4. Closet

Clothes should always be displayed on a clothing rack outside of your closed, and if you don't have a closed at all this could be beneficial. Throw away everything that you have not worn since the past month (excluding seasonal clothing because you're not going to wear a coat on summer). Ikea 'lack' shelves are great for storing clothes and they come in many colours, though the ones we are interested in are either black or white or some nude colour.

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5. The bed

Avoid patterns with coloured drawings and psicodelic designs. We are going for a more sophisticated and minimalistic look, so sticking to the same colour scheme as the other points above. You do not need seven pillows, so why keep them? The bed is the place where you sleep, three pillos is more than enough unless you have some kind of back problem in which case try accomodating them to the style.

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And that's it, I hope you liked this article, and if you did then you're welcome to react or to leave a heart for me. Sorry if I haven's posted the past couple days but I've been busy and tomorrow I have a huge exam, so my mind has been somewhere else. Good night!
- Dahiandra