how do you tell the person who has a crush on you that you don't like him. that you don't love him. that you don't want him to like you. how do you tell without hurting his feelings. how do you tell him is all just an honest mistake. you never thought of more. you don't like him.

how do you tell him that you don't like him because he is shorter than you. that he makes this annoying sound every time. that you didn't even wanted to be friends in the first place. that you always thought there was a awkward tension between you and him. that you are straight as heck but you simply don't like him.

how do you tell.

dear you,

when you tell me I will cry. I will cry because I can't like you. I can't return your feelings. I am so sorry. I truly am.

please don't tell everyone. please come to school and face it. I know you can and you will get over it.