I just came home from work... and today is a ''not in a mood for anything'' kinda day..

you know those feelings where everything seems 10 times harder than it actually is, and everything is just too much for you..

sometimes I can't handle shit..
It's not that I'm mad at someone,
It's more like, I feel like crying all the time.. and it feels like giving up.. even tho i do not have anything to give myself up for..

Its like even the nicest person seems mean to me..

those kind of feelings I have when I feel overstressed..
When I do more than i actually can, or should..

It's like, some people expect you to be perfect,.
you have to be how others want you to be..
you have to understand everything an the first try after someone explained it to you once..
you need to look like her or him..

sometimes the Expectation is impossible..

because No, just No..
Don't be like others want you to be, Be You..

I mean, I'm the nicest person ever
All I do is school and work.. gym, and being at home, studying, eating and sleeping..

and if someone who's just chillin their life telling you, how you should be, or what u do is not right, well then I'm sorry but Who are You to tell me shit like that?
Who are you to judge me?

I take shit personal, but I don't take shit seriously from people with no mindset..

Sorry for my rant.. not sure if it made sense after all..

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