hello there,
i was on the discover page, looking for inspiration, like i often do. i came across this little challenge and decided to give it a go...
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thanks for this!

By heart I am...

1. A two am dreamer or A sound sleeper...

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i'd have to say i'm a dreamer. i love sleep but most of the time it alludes me. i also find myself day dreaming often when i'm bored.

2 . Reckless or Reliable

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i am the reliable one. i wish i could just throw caution to the wind and be crazy reckless but that was never really my style.

3. A garden grower or a Forest explorer

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forest explorer for sure. i love going on adventures and taking photos of everything i find. plus i cant grow plants to save my life.

4. A newspaper or a Coloring book

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coloring book. i've really been loving theses coloring books for adults, i even have a few myself. it is so relaxing, and sometime i loose all track of time coloring for hours.

5. The astronaut or The moonchild

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moon child all the way.

6. Young at heart or An old soul

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everyone has always told me i an older than i seem. i guess i just like the simple things in life.

7. A romantic or A realist

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i am a romantic all the way. sometimes i think it's a bad thing because i romanticize everything a bit too much.

8. A cloud gazer or A star chaser

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sometimes it's just better to have your head in the clouds.

9. A mountain or An ocean

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i think i would be more like a mountain....dependable but could also go crazy with an avalanche.

10. The artist or The muse

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i'm the artist. always looking for inspiration.

By heart I love or choose…

1. Sleeping beneath the stars or Sailing at sunrise

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sleeping beneath the stars is just so magical and romantic.

2. Flying to the moon or Swimming to atlantis

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to the moon and back.

3. Polaroid pictures or Hand-written letters

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i have three different polaroid cameras and there is just something classic about them. although i also do love the romantic notion of a hand written letter.

4. Barefoot adventures in the jungle or Exploring rooftops in Paris

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rooftops in paris....

5. Summer nights or City lights

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city lights...there's just something about it.

6. Paintings or Poems

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7. Vintage postcards or Antique telescopes

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antique telescopes for star chasing.

8. Constellations or Conversations

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good times. good memories

9. Déjà vu or Nostalgia

Image by Kara.
nostalgia... a memory is always better than what it actually was.

this was fun. thanks for reading. and if you're up for it, give it a try yourself. i'm having fun seeing all the other #byheartchallenge posts.