please stop telling us that we are not good enough.
That we have to look prettier, earn more money, be different and yet be the same as everybody else.
Please stop having so high expectations that we are set to fail.
Stop making us feel worthless, ugly, unwanted.
Please accept that while we are all equal, we are not all the same.
It is okay for women to be working moms, or a stay-at-home mom or simply not a mom at all.
It is okay for a man to put his family first, it is okay to let his wife go and earn the money while he watches the kids. But it is also okay if he doesn't want to have a family.
Please allow men to be gentlemen and women to be ladies again.
And yet let them be seen as strong and independent.
Let us build a better world.
Let us love and not discriminate.
Let us forgive and help, rather than judge and hate.
You are what the people made you--- will you allow the people to change you?

So dear society,
dear people,
can we work together rather than against each other?

I have hope for us and I want this to work but I need your help,

yours truly,