Hello, the lovers of the universe

I am the one who posts pictures about my biggest passion from my childhood till this day.

When I was looking through my account, I found out that my first astronomy post was on the 18th December 2014... It's been over 3 years now! I don't remember what my aim was when I started, but now I know that I want to show people how beautiful it is out there. There's so much more than only our Earth (although we should take care of our planet well). There's so much mysteries and paradoxes in outer space that we will probably never find answer to and it is irritating for a person who studies science as a main subject. But at the same time it is beautiful for a person who writes poems and reads fiction.

I am 17 years old and astronomy has been my biggest dream for most of my life. Now, when I am looking at my fellow students, I understand that I can never reach this dream. I am working so hard, but my brain is not made for calculations and equations, it is made for words and philosophy. It is sad, but it's right to let smart people find answers to our questions, right?

I will never stop loving astronomy and everything related to universe. But I stop considering to learn it for 9 years and then to become a scientist. One needs to know where to stop.

I hope that you will give a lot of love to astounding universe as you have been giving it. I will not stop posting pictures of my biggest dream. I am always open for mind-blowing conversations.

Thank you for all your support and keep looking forward to my daily posts :)