Hello beautiful! Just want to start off with a quick note before the article to say that these are snacks I eat some of the time. I still eat a lot more salt and sugar than I probably should but these are snacks I have when I start feeling guilty for my bad habits. These snacks are my favorite alternatives to some of my regular junk snacks so I hope you enjoy!

1. Peanut butter toast

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while this snack isn't weight watchers low calorie (its around 170) peanut butter also adds other health value like making you feel more full/ satisfied rather than gorging on multiple snacks. - I eat creamy Jiffy on English Muffin Bread but you can obviously make your own bread and butter preferences. They make different options too regarding low calorie peanut butter or organic. (I also like banana's on mine every once in a while.) - This also makes a good option for that feeling you get when you are hungry but don't know what you want/ feel like there's nothing around to eat.

2. Fiber One chocolate fudge brownie

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Fiber One makes a delicious 90 calorie brownie that doesn't taste like a weird protein bar. I have these for breakfast sometimes or a quick snack to throw in my bag before I leave the house.

3. Veggie Straws

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My favorite are the zesty ranch and they are just as yummy as bag of potato chips. These range around 130 cal.

4. Apples

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Whether you prefer green or red (I like green) this is a classic health snack that, once you start consuming regularly, can become quite addicting.

5. Honey Nut Cheerios

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I fill little baggies of these as a breakfast option or a midday snack, also quite addicting. I prefer regular honey nut cheerios but you can choose your own preference. I also eat them dry (if it wasn't obvious). These run about 105 cal. a cup, depending on your cheerio choice.

Thanks for reading and hearting I hope this article helps you! Also I think I will be posting some of my favorite "summertime snacks" in a separate article soon too. Realistically I'm a fruit junkie and love fruit incorporated snacks but they aren't in season right now and not as yummy without warm weather. That's all for now, thanks again!

🍀, Olivia