Hello again, today is the day 2 of this challenge, I know that you don't give a shit but, I will also tell you a small part of me. And this is kind of like a deep reflection about myself that i made this past two years.

How have you changed in the past 2 years?

I have changed a lot in one year. Imagine in two years.

*I become more wise over the years*

As for my mentality, every year I become a little wiser. And it is due to bad experiences that I lived, to my mistakes and even to my successes.
Life is so difficult, it made me appreciate the small details because those are what make this life, our life, genuine and beautiful.

Two years ago i was so stupid, like very stupid, 24/seven everyday. But the good thing is that i realized of that.
I was blind in so many ways, i was deaf too.

I was in love with a guy who was a great person and we had a lot in common but I did not want to accept or understand that he did not feel the same.
It sounds like this has happened to many of you, unrequited love.

Temporarily removed

I was so fucking blind that i couldn't see that there was another person, another boy who was trying to get my attention and help me forget about him.

So i learned that the best things come when you least expect it.

And that's when I can't help but imagine and dream and finally reach the point of illusion. The damn illusion kills you, because the line between imagination and illusion is very dangerous.


I wish you would send me a message telling your own story about imagination and illusion, please I'd love to read them, seriously, I'm not kidding. Without shame. I will be ready to help them in whatever they want if they want it or just be listened to.