Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you

Hey, guys!

So, today we have a really serious topic here. Who inspires me. Who inspires me to be better me? Who inspires me to do something productive each day? Who inspires me to believe in myself and never give up? Well, I don't have one spesific answer to those questions. I am not even sure I have specific idol. But here are some people I would like to mention in this artickle.

1. My mom and my sister. Yes, sometimes they both can be a pain in the ass (sorry), but that's true! But if I have a hard time or just need a hug or a person I could talk to, I know they are there for me anytime and they are my number one supporters. :)

2. Dwayne Johnson. a.k.a The Rock - he is one hella strong guy! I mean he had some stuff in his life, depression, but look at him now. He is sucessful guy and he achieved a lot already. To me it is agreat example of why you shouldn't give up and listen to your inner demons. :)

3. Me. Well, I don't know if I sound arogant or not... But 2018 just started, right? And they haven't been the best for me. I already had a lot of ups and downs... But I always master to get up, no matter how hard life is for me. I always remember that God never give us something, we couldn't handle. And I suggest you to remember this also. If we want to look at someone who is strong, beautiful and brave... First of all look in the mirror. You will see that person. We have to bring more positivity and self love in 2018... <3

Yes, I also look for people like: Khalid (I mean at such a young age he achieved THIS) , Ed Sheeran. Sacha Richardson, not to mention Will Smith, Mantas Stonkus (he was bullied when he was young, but now he is a succesfull person in Lithuania: actor, TV host and all other stuff..) Joey Kidney... I can mention all these incredible people and there's still gonna be a thousand of ones I forgot. And I guess that's okay. World is full of amazing people and that's why it is so beautiful and amazing to live in. These are my 3, oh, more like 4 people I feel like are a big part of my life. (whats up Rocky? :D) but I want to tell you that number one priority of your life you should make yourself. You have to make you your idol. Maybe that sounds really cheese, but trust me. It's so much easier to live in the life where you except yourself just the way you are and when you do not seek perfection. <3

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I hope you had a great day! Love you all. Just be you and never give up! <3