Hello World and welcome back to one more article by me.I know that my previous article was a long time ago, and honestly i have no excuses for that. I just didn't want to write an article. But these days i started to realise that many people out there are struggling with depression, so i wanted to write an article about how you can stay positive.

I'm not going to lie.Today's Society is quite tough and we all sometimes feel that we can no longer respond to the difficulties we face every day. However, we must never forget that life is breathtakingly beautiful.

At this point I would also like to add that an incredible girl had suggested me to write this article a long time ago.Her name is Ayusun and this is her lovely account➷

And now, without more information, let's get started :)

Get away from negativity

This is really the first step you have to do if you want to start a more peaceful and positive life. The environment in which you live and the people who surround you everyday, all transform your own life. So, you can easily understand that if the people you see every day are negative, then you will soon become like them. I would suggest to you to stand off soon from these people and begin to get to know other more positive individuals.

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Start your day positively

In Greece, it is customary to say that you can understand if one day will be good from the morning. I did not believe it in the past, but in the last few months I have begun to believe it. Sure If you wake up happily with a bright smile and with positive thoughts, then you will probably have a great day! Also, an other thing you can do is to look at your beautiful face in the mirror and think of three (or more) things that you are grateful for. Believe me..it actually works!

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Find the positive side

I know it's difficult sometimes to find something positive in every situation you are facing, but remember that each currency has two sides and so each situation has two sides too.

Furthermore don't forget to CALM DOWN !! It's not the end of the World, so don't become melodramatic and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Breathe in, breathe out and voilà..you just found a solution to your problem. It was easy, wasn't it ?! ;)

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Healthy life for a calm mind

No, I'm not out of the topic. Indeed, I believe that training and a healthy lifestyle can help you stay calm and positive. I know that pizza and chocolates are very delicious (basically, they are the best things in our world after twenty øne piløts and NF) but maybe it's time to say Bye-Bye to this delightful Paradise and start eating fruits and vegetables. Do not worry ... you can eat fast food, but it would be better for your health and for your psychology to focus more on cucumbers and carrots. #YAYYY

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Girl to the rescue

No, you do not need to be a police officer or a fire extinguisher. What I actually mean is that you may have to start making other people happy. Listen to your friends, help your family and become a better person. Share joy, optimism and hope. You will feel much better and you will also become a more positive person!

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~So, that's it for today guys. I hope you enjoyed this article and i also wish that all my tips will help you to deal with all the difficulties you're facing at the moment.

~I am waiting for your feedback,your reactions and your suggestions for future articles. If you want me to write something in particular,then just send me a message and who knows (?!)..maybe my next article will be based on your suggestion :)

Until next time,

Athέna (@_selini_)

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This article is dedicated to an amazing girl who is struggling with depression these days.