Hello everyone!
Today I wanted to do this challenge for all those who love Harry Potter as much as I do.
The first four categories are pottermore related and everything after that is in my opinion.

Hogwarts House

Superthumb book aesthetic book

Illvermony House

animal castle aesthetic Superthumb


animal harry potter book animal


harry potter harry potter black aesthetic
Hazel wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 3/4 and surprisingly swishy flexibility

Favorite female character

emma watson emma watson book Superthumb
Hermoine Granger

Least favorite female character

Superthumb harry potter cat aesthetic
Dolores Umbrige

Favorite male characters

book Superthumb Superthumb harry potter
Harry Potter and Sirius Black

Least favorite male Character

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb anime
Peter Pettigrew

Quidditch Position

golden snitch gryffindor Superthumb harry potter

Pet I would bring

animal animal Superthumb autumn
Black cat

That's it for now, but I'm looking forward to do a second part because there are so many categories I want to do next.
I hope you liked it!

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article by @mariefs_22