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If you are already following my collection about a certain Louisa Watson, then you probably know that she is one of my OCs that I created for a story I'm working on (called "Teenage Drama"- it's not my final desiscion to name it that way though).

I am writing this article not only for everyone who is interested in the characters but also for myself to have a better overview about each character.

Should there be any bad spelling mistakes, I'm very sorry. English is not my native language...so please don't judge :)

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading this article. Let's start. :)

Who is Louisa?

- she was born on June 15
- she has a younger brother at the age of 13
- 5"3
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hair colour: black
eye colour: brown
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- needs to wear glasses
- has a lot of birthmarks
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- she thinks very practical & that's why she always wears her hair in a way it can't fall in her face
- has little freckles all over her face
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- doesn't wear any makeup for school or on normal day
- wears makeup for special occasions like a birthday party or a holiday
- refuses to pluck her eyebrows because otherwise they wouldn't be unique anymore
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- got a quite girly taste in clothing (lots of flower patterns, light & positive colours, dresses & skirts)
- always in the mood for mom jeans!
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- owns knitted cardigans in every colour you could imagine
- likes oversized clothes
- only wears bralettes or sport-bras instead of regularly bras
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- her favourite colour is violet
- has a very intelligent & good sense of humour
- so clever it hurts
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- owns more books than clothes probably
- loves rummaging in book stores
- you can never have too many books!
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- enjoys journaling
- owns A LOT of notebooks to write everything down
- loves visiting museums
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- she is very kind & open-minded
- tries to help & to solve problems
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- loves observing random people in school or on the streets
- curious & cute little bean
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- tries to not affect other people if she's in a bad or sad mood because she doesn't want them to deal with her problems
- drinks too much coke
- her favourite food is defenitely toast hawaii and any kind of pizza
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- she is a dancer & also takes part in competitions
- loves listening to Rihanna
- R'n'B
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- hates the smell of cigarettes & smoke
- isn't fond of people who think they're better than anyone else
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- tries her best to be a strong, confident & independant young woman
- believes in feminism but would never dare to throw shade on the opposite gender
- feminism is humanism
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- believes in the best in everybody (that's why she starts dating Christian) although she got disappointed many times before
- loves romantic people
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- is such a fangirl
- gets really, really passionate about sooo many things
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- stands up for people
- is brave & has courage
- loves with every piece of her heart
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- everybody calls her louisa apart from Jackson who calls her lou (he is the only one who is allowed to use this nickname-she actually isn't a fan of nicknames)
- gets mad at everyone who judges her by her height
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- becomes very protective of Joanna
- her best friends are Hayden, Elena & Joanna
- knows Jasper since they were little
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- prefers tea over coffee
- favourite animal: sloths
- ideal first date: a picnic
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(i actually really don't know why but everytime I listen to the song the girl by hellberg i need to think of louisa...)

(...to be continued...)

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