Hi there ! I'm doing a quick pause in my schoolwork to answer to this challenge I found thanks to @nikiceeva.

Europe or America?

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Paris and Prague ! (I'm sorry to put Paris everywhere but I can't get enough of this city...)

❧ Coffee or Tea?

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I don't like coffee...

Cats or Dogs?

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Even if I looove dogs too!

Books or Movies?

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Definitely books!

❧ Bath or Shower?

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This kind of shower!

Caramel or Chocolate?

food, caramel, and sweet image food, caramel, and sweet image
It has been really hard to choose!

Jeans or Skirt?

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It all depends on the weather. I'm pants in autumn-winter but skirt in spring-summer!

❧ High Heels or Sneakers?

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I can't stand high heels...

❧ Pretty Little Liars or Gossip Girls?

I don't watch neither of the two.

❧ Homesick or Adventurous?

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I want to see everything!

Ice Cream or Sweets?

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More like nicecream!

Banana or Coconut?

food, chocolate, and banana image chocolate, delicious, and sweets image
Bananas everywhere!

Pizza or Hamburger?

pizza, food, and healthy image pizza, food, and vegan image

Strawberry or Apple?

strawberry, food, and fruit image food, berries, and healthy image
Strawberries everywhere!!!! (When I have some...)

Denim or Leather?

jeans, fashion, and style image fashion, girl, and style image
I don't wear leather!


Everyone who read this because I'm really kind and I love you all ♡

Radiating Love !