Hey guys. This is just an article about me! because why not lol

I am from the beautiful continent of Africa

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I'm in love with poetry especially SHANE KOYCZAN

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I love the 80s, 90s and early 00s music- I also collect vinyl records

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My favorite singers from that era are Billy Joel , Cyndi Lauper, Keane, Corrine Bailey Rae

I love Jazz music and Indie pop

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Like Amy Winehouse ( she was a gem :'( ) and billy holiday And Liane

I am in love with Fashion and Prints

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I'm into 90s/00s movies and Old disney movies YOU GO GLEN COCO

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e.g clueless, my girl, Mean girls. I literally named my two puppies Glen And Coco so I can always say 'You go Glen Coco'

I have an obssession when it comes to dogs

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My favourite band is COLDPLAY

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My favourite all time songs are:

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Somewhere only we know- Keane, Gravity Coldplay, The Scientist- Coldplay, Potbelly- Freshlyground, Chasing Cars- Snow patrol*

I love making new friends, and people with positive vibes

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Spread love and kindness everywhere!

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