It starts all innocent. It is summer and you meet him on holidays. You are both making new friends and having fun. You start to bond while drinking beers at the beach and telling jokes. Then you notice his smile is cute and his eyes are so bright and sparkly that you can lose yourself in them. He is teasing you and makes you laugh. Oh how you love when he makes you laugh. It feels like you never laughed before. Then one night, just a plain summer night, when the moon wasn't full and the stars weren't exceptionally bright you were left alone with him. He hugged you. That moment alone made that plain night one of your best memories. His arms around you, holding you like a treasure, staring the dark sea. You couldn't sleep and you couldn't stop thinking about him until you saw him again. He took you by the hand and lead you to a cute spot at the beach where you could be alone. You kiss. It is the most passionate and sweet kiss you ever had. You feel complete and happier than ever. It all continues for 2 weeks, but then... it is time for you to go. You both have to go back to university and the only thing that is left is the sweet memory of your summer and the excitement for your next summer. You both spend your summer there every year after all.

Winter comes and you were still in touch. He stopped texting as much one day. You feared this is the end. "Just friends" you both agreed but you had already fallen for him and you fell deep. You made a mistake and now you can't visit him where he studies. You eventually stopped texting in an attempt to get over him. You told everybody you are doing fine but then... You meet again.. at the same place... sooner than you expexted... it is spring now and you haven't talked for 2 months. Nobody spoke. You felt your heart breaking to a million pieces and all you could think of was why. Somebody told you he has a fuck buddy now and you just want to cry. They told many things about him that made you even more wrecked. That's when you decided you should really get over him this time, for real.

You were making progress, you finally stopped thinking about him and you kept the sweet memories only. Summer was near. You were anxiously waiting for your exams to be over so you can go around town with your friends, go to the beach etc. And then one morning it happened. You woke up for uni and found a text from him. You saw the little bubble with his picture and the little red notification and suddenly all the feelings came back. As if they never left. You were both texting again like nothing happened and you started wondering "Could he have feelings for me? Did he miss me?".

Summer came. You forgot about him for a while cause you were working. You went on holidays with your best friend and you flirted but nothing ever happened. You just waited for the moment you go back to that little village where it all started and see him again. That moment came. You met again but not alone. You decided to play it cool and keep the "friends" label. You didn't feel the same from his side though. The following night you ended up kissing at that same spot at the beach like the first time. It all felt so right and magical. You slept together in the most innocent meaning of the word. He was holding you tight all night. You knew this would come to an end like last year but didn't care. All it mattered was you two. Summer ended and you had to take separate ways again. All you had from that summer was his hoodie and a promise. A promise you would meet again sooner than summer. He didn't keep his promise. He prefered to go on a trip with his friend instead of you visiting him at his place. You were mad at him and decided that that's how it is gonna be. Summer lovers and only that.

Then you met someone new. He had a cute quirky smile and another kind of sparkly eyes, different than your summer lover's. He is treating you with love and you eventually fall for him. You are a happy couple and everyone around you confirms that. You are sure you love him and don't want to lose him. 5 months have passed and you are still together. Until you noticed your summer lover tagging a girl on memes almost daily. Here you are thinking about him once again. The green monster is inside you. You want to know if he is dating. You are wondering why it is not you that he is tagging. Silly girl you know why.. you are in different cities, he probably only wanted you during summer time, but why? Why you care so much now? You are happy with someone else now so why not him too? You can't forget about him though, he is your first big fat crush after all. No. Not crush. First love. Yeah you loved him and you still do. And you will probably forever have a place for him in your heart because some love stories never end...