In today’s fast-paced city life, it is not often that one finds a place just to relax and spend some time of solitude. As far as cities like Delhi and Mumbai are concerned, you would be lucky if you get time and a place to be just with yourself. Even though, sometimes it can be fun to socialise and enjoy time in a robust city atmosphere, more often than not, one finds himself/herself wondering where one could get some peace and quiet.

Though it is a strange thought, but nowadays malls work really well as places one can simply let loose. Whether it is about finding the best spas or , malls like Select City Walk serve as a great avenue.

Beautiful Showroom: Without moving in the sultry heat and perspiring like a dog, one can go through the many designs different brands have to offer and that too, under the same roof. How wonderful is that? From Zara to lulu and sky, shopping malls have everything for people who like to indulge in retail therapy.

Air-conditioned: Since the scorching summers are already upon us, it is completely illogical to even roam outside. Malls are air-conditioned and that adds a lot to its charm and beauty. Without breaking into sweat, one can move around and eat and shop in peace. After all, one doesn't need to feel the heat to shop till they drop.

So-much under one roof: Nowadays, malls come with many dimensions and facets. Under one roof, there are kids play zones, adventure parks, spas, and best restaurants in Delhi to make sure that every member of the family stays busy and happy.

A perfect place for movie maniacs: Relaxation cannot only be obtained by shopping or eating. It is a well-known fact that watching a movie is a great way to relax. Malls are home to some of the best cinema halls, and guess what, they're easily accessible too! After a quaint lunch and a good shopping, the best way to complete one's day is in front of the big screen - happy and entertained.

So, let us go out and be a part of the unimaginable. Because it is true, who would have thought that malls could be the ultimate place to hang out when looking for some peace and quiet?