I was writing a poem the other day.
I was inspired to write this poem because of a documentary called "chasing coral".
The documentary documented a group of people studying coral that was dying and bleaching in a matter of a few months.
I had just gotten back from a trip to Cancun, Mexico where I got to observe coral firsthand, and the beauty of it all. So this was the poem-
Plants living in a glass world
Alien beauty
Not to be seen
The beauty once there
With only memories
And photos
To capture
What once was
A kingdom
But is now
A grave

The poem was about coral, obviously. And after I wrote this I wondered- do we want to lose all the coral reefs? The Rain forests? The ice caps and bamboo forests? All of the fascinating a beautiful landscapes humans have admired for centuries are slowly decomposing. Dying. Deteriorating. Going away. Never to been seen by the future generations. Generations before me have to destroyed these reefs with careless diving and global warming. Humans greed for power has destroyed things we treasure. The sea temperatures are climbing and things are dying.
We are destroying

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and so much more. Animals die under our careless hands as we eat food that came from their home. Humans starve as much more fortunate people steal the habitats they survive on.
So let me ask you this- after all of this,

do you feel proud?