Hello and welcome to another article! In this article I will talk about my springbreak travelling in europe, which was two weeks ago.


the transportation

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In this trip I spent a lot of time in airports in order to get to my destinations. In some I spent 2 hours, 4 and even 6 but in spite of the tiredness, it was always fun because of my friends. Besides the planes, I also travelled by bus for 7 hours from Budapest to Prague.

the destinations

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Although I did stop in Munich (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland) and Bratislava (Slovakia), the main locations were Budapest (Hungary) and Prague (Czech Republic). The first three days were spent in Budapest and the four remaining days of the week in Prague. Both cities amazed me with the buildings and history and I had the time of my life! In Budapest what I liked most where the Széchenyi thermal spas, and in Prague the Charles Bridge was even more beautiful than I was expecting!

the people

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This trip was so much fun thanks to the amazing people! Not only my friends but also people we met along the way. One of the most satisfying things when you travel is meeting nice people from all over the world, sharing experiences and talking about your trips(s). I was lucky to have met nice people in this springbreak.

I'm so thankful for this amazing trip! I hope you liked this article and it inspires you! If you have never been to these countries I definitely recommend you go! If you have any questions about my springbreak trip and need any advice just message me!

Thank you for reading.

~ mags (@loveinbrooklyn)


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Note: I did take a lot of pictures in my trip, however, the pictures used in this article are not mine so credits to the owners.