I know this is my second post today, but please bear with me!It’s taken a while for me to write this article. Even before I started this blog, I knew that I wanted to write about stress and anxiety-but I didn’t know I needed 12 Posts and a lot of encouragement from some pretty amazing friends to do so.

You might not realise this, but no one I know in real life knows about my blog. In my first post, I mentioned that the reason I was keeping this blog anonymous, because I didn’t want anyone to judge me and I just wanted to have a place to be completely ME.

When I get messages from anybody on we heart it and the message is positive it does more than you probably think. It makes me like “Wow, this person likes me for who I really am, not who I pretend to be.” And that honestly makes me so happy.

I realise that I’ve written 3 paragraphs which have pretty much nothing to do with anxiety, so take that as a warning about the amount I’ll blabber on when I talk to you! So, let me ask you a question:
What was the last thing you worried about?

beauty, happiness, and quotes image
context_query=be+happy&context_sort=most_popular&context_type=search You might have worried yesterday, that you forgot to get oranges from the supermarket, or you might have been worried about the due date, of that really important history essay a week ago.

Ok, let me ask you one more question.
What was the last thing you really really worried about?

If you ask one of my friends if I’m a worryguts, I’m pretty sure they’d all have different answers-normally around them I’m so energetic and bubbly they’d say that I didn't have any worries at all. But if you asked some of the more aware ones, they’d probably say “She doesn’t worry a lot, but when she does, she goes crazy!”

Both groups aren’t completely right-I worry A LOT, sometimes about tiny things and sometimes about huge things.That’s why I’ve began to experience something called panic attacks.
The last time I had a panic attack was at a music class at school. That was probably the worst I’ve experienced as I could not do anything about it in front of my whole class. That was right after a Pretty tough time for me-I won’t go into details but it was pretty awful let me tell you that.

Thankfully things Have calmed down to do with that so I haven’t got anything that I’m really really worried about at the moment but I’m pretty sure the whole incident hasn’t completely blown over. And for the first time in my life, I feel really scared about going back to school and facing the people who caused me so much hurt,anger and sleepless nights.

If they were reading this post right now, I think they’d have no clue who was writing it-they would certainly not think of me.

I promise I’ll shut up and go in a minute. But first, I want to say one thing. And this isn’t a quote by some famous person, this is something completely original.

Everyone has their own life and they can do what they want with it. But don’t let them control your life-only YOU can do that. Peoples toxic energy shouldn’t make your life toxic. Panic attacks shouldn’t make your life one big worry. And being afraid of what others think shouldn’t make your life a script written by them.

That’s all for now. Thank you to all of you who spend time hearting my articles,messaging and supporting me!
I Love you all SO SO SO much! The biggest hugs and thank yous to all of you!


If you are reading this and would like some advice, message me saying ‘SOS!’ and tell me what's up! I’m happy to help all of you!