Hola dear people !
I'm here for talking about notebooks, especially my 4 main notebooks !
Let's do it !

#1 - Agenda + Random Things
agenda, april, and art image

Always with me ! I put everything in : tickets, paper (useless most of the time lol), lists, ... For example, if i have an idea for a WHI article, but that i don't have the WHI notebook on me, i'm gonna write it in this. And when i'm gonna have my WHI notebook, I will rewrite it in ! (i don't know if you get it !) I talk about the characters of my stories too ! SO USEFUL !

#2 - My WHI Notebook
coffee, cup of coffee, and notebook image

I wrote this article in ! I use it for organize my articles. Inside, there are ideas of articles, articles, link to some websites that i want to talk about later, pictures... I love it because, for me, it's super important for being organized about my WHI account !

#3 - My Art Journal
journal, art, and quotes image

My fav ! It's clearly a mess, but damn i love it ! There are pic, quotes, draw, doodlings, poems... E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G !! I really have a good time to do it !

#4 - My Personnal Notebook
Image removed

I write my feelings and thoughts inside. I take the decision to write no name, only mine. I find that it's better like this. There are sometimes pictures or quotes, but it's mostly texts.

That's over ! I hope you love this and that give you some ideas how to fill your notebooks !
I love you.