"The person who masters himself through self control and discipline is truly undefeatable" - BUDDHA

to be alone does not mean you're lonely
to be alone does not mean your friendless
to be alone does not mean you're the only

No matter the circumstance, you should always be prepared to be with yourself and your higher power.
It doesn't matter if you're just alone and bored one night, or you prefer your own company, to be in harmony with yourself will always defeat loneliness.

You can get in touch with that powerful machine of yours
discover your flaws
kiss your scars
heal your wounds
no matter your views, thoughts or religion
your higher power is here
and they love you

Talk to them kindly and gently
but tell them everything
exactly what is on your brain
get it out
cry it out
walk it out
just be
self control is key

** anyone struggling - PLEASE get in touch. Om shanti